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Areas of Expertise  


Automobile & Truck Accidents

It is extremely important to the success of any case involving an automobile, vehicle or truck accident that an investigation be promptly done. Police records need to be obtained, witnesses interviewed and photos taken immediately of the accident scene and damage to the vehicles involved. The hiring of an attorney to represent your interest should be done at the earliest possible time.

Motorcycle & Bicycle Accidents

Successful cases require the expertise of an attorney who limits his practice to personal injury matters. Injury victims need an attorney that has the experience to investigate and prove cases of this nature. Richard S. Paddor has the expertise to represent injured persons in motorcycle and bicycle accidents.

Premises Liability Accidents

Cases involving injuries sustained on the property or premises of a negligent third party are called Premises Liability matters. These types of cases often are slip and fall accidents which usually occur when negligence is involved. Critical to a settlement is the ability to identify how long the condition was present and whether or not the owner/manager or person responsible was aware that the dangerous condition existed.

Workers' Compensation Injuries

Unrepresented work place injury victims oftentimes obtain inadequate compensation through the workers' compensation system. It is absolutely necessary to contact legal counsel to allow you to obtain all benefits payable and to fully understand your rights and the appropriate compensation for your workers' compensation injuries.